I was always a queens girl and never set a foot into brooklyn…until I met Tommy that is. Now I practically live in brooklyn on my off days. Since I am dating a brooklyn boy now, I am  being exposed to the world of brooklyn eateries! I found a few “hot spot” restaurants that I can go to time and time again to get my all time favorites: Vietnamese Sandwiches and Pad Thai Noodles!


I absolutely love vietnamese food (now that I am dating a viet! lol). I love summer rolls, the pho noodles, and my favorite…VIETNAMESE SANDWICHES! I tried a couple of places and I must say, there is 1 place that I always go to get the best viet sandwich! All the different types of pork they put is delicious! You must try it yourself!

THANH DA Restaurant//60-08 7th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11220 (Chi-Town)//718-492-3253


Whenever Tom and I go to Thai restaurants, we always get the TOM YUM GOONG soup. It’s spicy, sweet, and tangy…just the way we like it! I also love getting basil chicken.  But my favorite thai dish is PAD THAI noodles. I’ve had some good ones in many places…but I think I found 2 places that make it the best!

a. SONG Restaurant//295 5th Avenue Brooklyn NY (Park Slope Area)// 718-965-1108

b. Another Thai restaurant on the same block…forgot the name -_-

But 5th Ave. in Park Slope area is a great area to go on dates! There are lots of cute restaurants to try out!

I never would of thought I would be advertising for brooklyn….but i guess that saying is true – “Don’t knock it till you try it!” 🙂