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As a kid, you can’t wait to become an adult. You dream of becoming 18 to get your license, then 21 to drink legally. You dream of working so you can have money, so you can buy your own place to live, and so you can have a fancy car and all the pretty things in life.  But I am realizing, as I get older, this “dream” of being “old” is not all that wonderful as it seemed. Yes we make money, but we have responsibilities. Yes we can drink all that we want, but we have consequences. Yes we can buy/rent our own place, but we have to struggle to make ends meet. Yes we can buy all that we fancy, but we have bills to pay. When does life get simple again?!!

Everyone is busy….busy living life..hustling on the weekdays and breezing through the weekends.  And through the busy-ness of everything, it is so hard to keep track of all your friendships.  And yet at the same time, its the friendships we hold that keep life going.  I know without friends, life would not be as fun or meaningful.

Thinking about friendships makes me thankful for girlfriends I can share intimate thoughts with, laugh with, cry with, gossip with, joke with, drink & eat with, and help with. I especially love how my boyfriend also evolved into my BEST friend.  He is the one I can share everything and anything with and know I am loved and supported by him. ❤

But the type of friends I learned to appreciate the most  are the ones you’ve known for awhile but rarely get to see and when you do, it’s like all the time apart did not change a thing about your friendship. You can pick up exactly where you left off and laugh your heads off reminiscing about old memories. This past weekend, I got to meet up with my old neighborhood friends I’ve known from elementary, JHS, and HS. I had such a good time seeing them, catching up with them, and just having good ol’ hearty laughs with them.  Even though I don’t get to see them much, they are still close in heart. =)

So cheers to ALL my friends….you guys rock! xoxo! ❤


I was always a queens girl and never set a foot into brooklyn…until I met Tommy that is. Now I practically live in brooklyn on my off days. Since I am dating a brooklyn boy now, I am  being exposed to the world of brooklyn eateries! I found a few “hot spot” restaurants that I can go to time and time again to get my all time favorites: Vietnamese Sandwiches and Pad Thai Noodles!


I absolutely love vietnamese food (now that I am dating a viet! lol). I love summer rolls, the pho noodles, and my favorite…VIETNAMESE SANDWICHES! I tried a couple of places and I must say, there is 1 place that I always go to get the best viet sandwich! All the different types of pork they put is delicious! You must try it yourself!

THANH DA Restaurant//60-08 7th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11220 (Chi-Town)//718-492-3253


Whenever Tom and I go to Thai restaurants, we always get the TOM YUM GOONG soup. It’s spicy, sweet, and tangy…just the way we like it! I also love getting basil chicken.  But my favorite thai dish is PAD THAI noodles. I’ve had some good ones in many places…but I think I found 2 places that make it the best!

a. SONG Restaurant//295 5th Avenue Brooklyn NY (Park Slope Area)// 718-965-1108

b. Another Thai restaurant on the same block…forgot the name -_-

But 5th Ave. in Park Slope area is a great area to go on dates! There are lots of cute restaurants to try out!

I never would of thought I would be advertising for brooklyn….but i guess that saying is true – “Don’t knock it till you try it!” 🙂

It is always nice to see friends and loved ones and share the holiday cheer with good food and great entertainment.

Friday night- tom and I met up with our friends, hannah and paul. we had dinner at HAVANA NYC (38th street, between 5th and 6th ave). Good Cuban food with speedy service. I love when the food comes quickly! Then we went to NATIONAL COMEDY THEATRE (36th street, between 8th and 9th ave) for an improv comedy show. For $15, this is a GREAT show. It was hilarious! And the improv is all based on what the audience chooses. Guaranteed good laughs!

Saturday- I met up with my girlfriends, julie and haelee. We had brunch at CALLE OCHO (81st street and columbus ave). Venue was cute, food was okay, and the sangria bar was awesome! Free unlimited sangria with your meal and let me tell you, they had like 6 different sangrias to choose from! The food was very reasonably priced ($12 – $18). Definitely a good spot for brunch!

The best part of our brunch was julie getting a parking ticket. A man parked behind Julie saw that she got a ticket and gave her his parking stub so that she could fight her parking ticket. It was so nice of him. As we were thanking him, he ended it with “Merry Christmas.” And thats what I love about the holiday season…people giving from their hearts and spreading the holiday cheer around. Thank god there are still kind-hearted people out there! Definitely made an impact on me…makes me want to pass the kindness forward.

Saturday night – tommy and i stayed in watching our 2 favorite shows: CRIMINAL MINDS and WEEDS. If you haven’t seen it, you must catch an episode. You will definitely get hooked!

Stars, oceans, smiles, and Sejin … natural beauty that makes me wonder and remain to wonder now and forever.


Sejjy and I decided to take a stroll down to the promenade after a long night. It is quite fun to spend time with your lover “just you and me.” =] Eventhough it’s only us I feel “us” is more than enough.

Thanks for the lovely moments we share.


I love birthdays! Birthdays are another way to feel loved in this world. It’s a day to remind ourselves that we are indeed special and loved by many. It’s a happy moment and one that you can always treasure.

For me, the theme for my 25th birthday was all about being “low-key.” I did not want to party. I did not want to drink birthday shots and end up on the floor puking. I invited only my closest friends and had a Sunday brunch, which was followed by a stroll in the park with the autumn leaves in view. And you know what, I loved it. I loved the company of friends- eating, chatting and laughing together.

I love birthdays even more because the boyfriend works hard to be thoughtful and romantic on my special day. Love being surprised in the early morning with flowers and lunch for me to take! Love being surprised in the evening with awesome CRUMBS cupcakes with the boyfriend singing happy birthday in Korean (He’s Chinese & Vietnamese – so it’s a big deal!). And I love the way he wrapped my present. He personally created the wrapping paper with construction paper. He weaved strips of 2 colored paper, and cut out all these hearts to add that special sweet touch. Too precious that I did not want to open my present for the longest time! But eventually I carefully cut the top and unwrapped it ever so carefully so that I could save it forever! =)


Front of the presentBack of the Present









Isn’t that just PRECIOUS?  =)

Overall, I loved my 25th and I feel like it will be a great year! And soon, it will be the boyfriend’s (Tom) birthday and I have to outshine myself as the sweet & thoughtful girlfriend(Jin) to make him feel special on his special day! =)

P.S. FYI: Tom + Jin = TOMJIN ❤