As a kid, you can’t wait to become an adult. You dream of becoming 18 to get your license, then 21 to drink legally. You dream of working so you can have money, so you can buy your own place to live, and so you can have a fancy car and all the pretty things in life.  But I am realizing, as I get older, this “dream” of being “old” is not all that wonderful as it seemed. Yes we make money, but we have responsibilities. Yes we can drink all that we want, but we have consequences. Yes we can buy/rent our own place, but we have to struggle to make ends meet. Yes we can buy all that we fancy, but we have bills to pay. When does life get simple again?!!

Everyone is busy….busy living life..hustling on the weekdays and breezing through the weekends.  And through the busy-ness of everything, it is so hard to keep track of all your friendships.  And yet at the same time, its the friendships we hold that keep life going.  I know without friends, life would not be as fun or meaningful.

Thinking about friendships makes me thankful for girlfriends I can share intimate thoughts with, laugh with, cry with, gossip with, joke with, drink & eat with, and help with. I especially love how my boyfriend also evolved into my BEST friend.  He is the one I can share everything and anything with and know I am loved and supported by him. ❤

But the type of friends I learned to appreciate the most  are the ones you’ve known for awhile but rarely get to see and when you do, it’s like all the time apart did not change a thing about your friendship. You can pick up exactly where you left off and laugh your heads off reminiscing about old memories. This past weekend, I got to meet up with my old neighborhood friends I’ve known from elementary, JHS, and HS. I had such a good time seeing them, catching up with them, and just having good ol’ hearty laughs with them.  Even though I don’t get to see them much, they are still close in heart. =)

So cheers to ALL my friends….you guys rock! xoxo! ❤