I love birthdays! Birthdays are another way to feel loved in this world. It’s a day to remind ourselves that we are indeed special and loved by many. It’s a happy moment and one that you can always treasure.

For me, the theme for my 25th birthday was all about being “low-key.” I did not want to party. I did not want to drink birthday shots and end up on the floor puking. I invited only my closest friends and had a Sunday brunch, which was followed by a stroll in the park with the autumn leaves in view. And you know what, I loved it. I loved the company of friends- eating, chatting and laughing together.

I love birthdays even more because the boyfriend works hard to be thoughtful and romantic on my special day. Love being surprised in the early morning with flowers and lunch for me to take! Love being surprised in the evening with awesome CRUMBS cupcakes with the boyfriend singing happy birthday in Korean (He’s Chinese & Vietnamese – so it’s a big deal!). And I love the way he wrapped my present. He personally created the wrapping paper with construction paper. He weaved strips of 2 colored paper, and cut out all these hearts to add that special sweet touch. Too precious that I did not want to open my present for the longest time! But eventually I carefully cut the top and unwrapped it ever so carefully so that I could save it forever! =)


Front of the presentBack of the Present









Isn’t that just PRECIOUS?  =)

Overall, I loved my 25th and I feel like it will be a great year! And soon, it will be the boyfriend’s (Tom) birthday and I have to outshine myself as the sweet & thoughtful girlfriend(Jin) to make him feel special on his special day! =)

P.S. FYI: Tom + Jin = TOMJIN ❤